What should You Do to Improve Child's Handwriting Skills?

What should You Do to Improve Child's Handwriting Skills?

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Handwriting creates the first impression when communication is done through writing. Penmanship is inarguably very crucial for communication. It is very necessary that the practice of good handwriting is inculcated in your child from a very tender age. In future, if bad handwriting becomes a practice, then it becomes very difficult to overcome that issue.

If your child is facing problems while writing and is not being able to shape the letters correctly, then as a parent, you should take immediate steps to help your child get a good and neat handwriting. Here are mentioned a few methods that would efficiently improve child's handwriting skills

  •  Virtual writing: A very effective method for the child to correctly shape the letters is through the practice of virtual writing. You could write letters or simple words on your child's back and ask him/her to guess the letter or word. Similarly, you could ask her to write letters on your back too. This would help them to know the shapes of the letters accurately. It has been researched and found that kids find the letters j, k, n, q, u, z difficult to write and shape. Hence, you could make your child write these letters repeatedly.
  •  Grip of the pen: You should be careful whether your child is holding the pencil or pen correctly. If the pencil is not held properly, then the finger hurts and the child gets tired of wrong easily. To teach them to hold the pen or pencil correctly, show them the correct procedure and make use of rubber-grips. Make them practice writing with small pencils. To make the procedure interesting, give them situations, where the kids would write using tiny pencils.
  • Make writing a practice: Make it a habit for your kid to write. Make him/her write shopping lists, addresses and regular practical needs so that he/she doesnot feel that the improvement process is a part of his/her academics. You could leave notes for him or her to which the kid would reply on it. You could ask them to put down their favourite food, favourite movie and other things they like. In this interactive manner, they write more and thus develop a better hold over the shape of the letters.
  • Ensure correct alignment and size: For the alignment to be correct, you could make them practice writing on ruled pages. This would keep the size and alignment of the letters properly defined.
  • Make pictures out of letters: Give your child a letter and ask him/her to make a picture out of it. This will help them to remember about each letter's shape or look. This process is interesting too and will positively affect your child's improvement.

To lure kids into writing, give them attractive pencils and pens to write with. More importantly, appreciate every improvement they make because it acts as a major source of encouragement for the kids. To give meaning to the handwriting improvement procedure, parents could also involve their kids in solving word puzzles and games like hangman that improve their vocabulary effectively. Also visit our handwriting readiness products to know more about handwriting kits.