Importance of Handwriting

Importance of Handwriting

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Importance of Handwriting

Be it jotting down notes from a professor or filling up a form at the bank, handwriting is one of the most integral parts of our daily lives. It resonates the core of our education and gives us the individuality that defines our personality.

Writing, by many scholars, is considered to the biggest step of human evolution that leveraged the course of humanity forever. We have covered a long journey from the pictographs to handwriting and the voyage is still on-going.

Since the dawn of technology, typing has substituted writing in many areas but the importance of good handwriting is still inevitable as the most important aspect of a person’s life still depends on handwriting and that aspect is education. Education and handwriting are two inseparable things. Readability and pace of writing are the best friends of a student and more or less their entire career depends on these two things. Be it a general classroom assignment or board examinations, the dexterity of writing and pencil skills are extremely important for a student.

In this age of immense competition where the level of education is at its all-time peak, good handwriting and pencil skills give a student an upper edge and act as a stepping stones that leads to academic accomplishments. There are many students who are intellectual and have the aptitude to be amongst the top rankers but poor legibility of writing and slow speed hamper their goals and affect their academics severely. Even after completing the education, good handwriting continues to hold its importance as there comes many occasions in a corporate life where a person’s writing skills matter a lot. Good handwriting boosts the credibility of an employ and it’s a proven fact.

The mode of communication has changed radically in last two decades and electronic lettering is used habitually in daily and corporate environment. Despite the popularity electronic communication, importance of handwriting cannot be overlooked. Handwriting is a person’s unique identity and people still feel more comfortable writing rather than typing. Various researches have also shown that majority of people can write faster than they can type. This can save a lot of valuable time and an encouraging fact is that now a days, the latest generation of computers are designed to read and encode handwriting. So to be more readable to the computer, a good handwriting and healthy pencil skills are essential.

It is crucial to imbibe good writing skills in children in the initial stage when they learn to write. If a child gets accustomed to a wrong grip or develops a fault in his/her style of holding a pencil, it becomes very difficult afterwards to rectify such errors. But thanks to the modern technological advancements, now, there are some right tools that can effectually teach young children how to hold their pencil correctly, such as the Writing C.L.A.W. Using the Writing C.L.A.W., students can focus on good handwriting rather than the mechanics of holding the pencil. The result is an efficient pencil grasp and improved handwriting.

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