21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Our brain is trained to juggle multiple stimuli at a time and we do it every second that we spend multitasking. However, children most often don’t possess the rationale to wade through the multifarious sensations and thoughts that are projected towards them every day. Dysfunction of Sensory Integration can easily be transformed into Sensory Integration with the help of Sensory hugs deep pressure sensory vest.The product provides deep compression and pressure to the tendons, ligaments, muscles and shoulders so that your child gets the holistic care that he deserves.

Sensory Hugs Vs Compression Weighted Vests

The compression-weighted vests available in the market would only create pressure in your child’s lower torso. You can only imagine that the partial pressure would be no parallel to the Sensory Hugs whose unique “V” shaped deep pressure vests uniformly creates pressure throughout the entire front and backsides. If you are skeptical in using weights, you can do away with the easily removable weights in Sensory Hugs and slide them in for some extra sensory input whenever you wish to. It would fit snugly into your child’s body providing him with deep pressure stability, skills and feedback on the chest and waist. Since the vest is perforated with a rubber like layer of fabric ‘Airprene’ you can be sure that it won’t trap the body heat but would instead allow ease of movement, comfort and adjustments as and when required.

Why is deep pressure so important?

Deep pressure forms the foundation of the Sensory Integration therapy by calming and relaxing your child before the sensory inputs can be processed successfully by him or her. The weighted vest of Sensory Hugs provides your kid with the stimuli that the muscles and joints keep providing to his body. If your kid has a hyperactive disposition and consequently suffers from lack in concentration, this is the one for you. Sensory Hugs also helps in body position awareness and coordination, reflex maturity, hand eye coordination, hearing and speaking skills, spatial perception and balance. The best feature of this adaptive product is that it is available in the options of XX-Small, X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large so that you and your child can keep using it irrespective of age just by tucking it under the shirt. If it can work wonders for those suffering from ADHD and Autism, you can only guess how your child would be benefited from it!

How are Sensory Integration and Sensory Hugs related?

You might have noticed that no matter how hard the times, a hug somehow makes it alright. Similarly, though kids might struggle to cope up with the thousands of sensory inputs that they receive each day, Sensory Hugs makes it easier for them to stand up to the challenges. Its aim is to accumulate all the tactile, visual, auditory and olfactory stimuli in one place and sort through the urgent ones in order to find the meaningful responses so that your child can deal with the situations in front of him with comfort and ease.