How do visual aids help special needs kids?

How do visual aids help special needs kids?

13 January 2020 Admin General Media

No child is the same. Children with special needs also need different styles of learning in order to thrive in their lives. By integrating multiple learning approaches into their daily teaching, parents and teachers can make a world of difference. Some children learn best by seeing and doing things; these children are often referred to as “visual learners”. Here is how visual aids can help special needs children to reach their potential:

Aids Transition

Children with special needs often find it difficult transitioning between activities. This can be made easier by using a visual schedule to assist them. Children can look at visual aids to know what is expected out of them each day. You can try to create pictures of the daily activities such as brushing teeth, eating breakfast, getting dressed, playing outside etc. and mount them on magnets or Velcro.  It is important for the child to understand what each picture represents. Putting a visual schedule also helps the child to deal with change more easily.

Promotes Safety

Visual signs act as cues to support and address potential safety concerns. You can make stop signs and use them to mark areas that your child should keep away from. Teach your child the meaning of signs and use words and pictures to explain safe behavior. You can also use visual signs to teach general safety when you’re outdoors. For example, you can add pictures to illustrate rules like stay close to mom or dad, hold hands in the parking lot etc. Review these rules and pictures before your trips when needed.

 Helps in Communication

If your child has difficulty communicating verbally, try adding visual tools to help build these skills. You can put a picture of your child’s favorite snack in the kitchen so that he can point out to them when he’s hungry. Simple visual aids can help your child with special needs communicate with you more effectively.

Builds Social Skills

Often, children with special needs find it difficult to deal with the social rules of the world around them. Visual aids can help your child understand social rules better. They help the child understand what is expected of them. If your child has difficulty engaging in games or group play activities, draw pictures to explain the rules better. Showing pictures of other kids playing with blocks to build castles, houses etc. can also encourage your child to play with others.

Visual aids are a great way to help children with learning disabilities, special needs, autism or communication delay. They’re easier to understand than spoken words and help build more confidence in children.