Help your special needs children with the right selection of drinking aids

Help your special needs children with the right selection of drinking aids

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Children with special needs need a lot of extra attention in their developing years so that you, as an adult, can get the child into society in the most beneficent way. Therefore, it is important to remember that they must be comfortable in their learning procedure as these children have multiple problems related to the body and the mind and the coordination of the two. Life is more challenging to them than the rest. Every child is special, you may argue but children with special needs are different because they have some pathological, emotional or learning problem that makes them require special support from school or the aid of medicine to get better. What these children need the most is patience and support. Therefore, we have a special range of accessories for these children, to choose from, that will help you support them and help them to adjust to their surroundings better, one step at a time.

What is so special about drinking aids?

When we are talking about accessories, we mean that objects of use that will help these children to do things better on their own because these products are designed in a way that it adapts to their difficulty in doing things other people do and therefore, makes them more comfortable.

Drinking aids are one such accessory that your child with special needs can use on their own without any discomfort or awkwardness. They are especially designed for these children who can use them effortlessly to drink their water, juice or any other liquid without any spilling or mess that will only adds to their anxiety.

  • We know people who suffer from various kinds of disorders exhibit destructive actions like chewing on a straw or absent-mindedly spilling the glass. For instance, the Ark's Lip Blok which helps children with special needs from chewing on the straw or from inserting the straw too much into the mouth resulting in choking. The Ark's Lip Blok can be attached to the regular straw and prevents the child from thrusting his or her tongue and promotes retracting the tongue and thus enable him or her to learn better tongue control and lip movement.
  • Another one of the intelligent designs from drinking aids is the Ark's Sip-Tip With Select-Flow Valves which promotes easier drinking for children who have trouble maintaining suction. It also helps bottle-feeding to cup drinking hassle-free. This is intelligent because the child can suck with the help of the straw or can be helped with the sucking by pumping the liquid with the aid of the flexible lid. While this one might need help of another person, the child can be taught slowly to adapt himself to use the mechanism of his own.
  • Apart from these two innovative designs, there is also a lovely bottle shaped like a bear with a flip cover that secures the liquid in its place without any spilling. All one needs to do is insert the Ark's Lip Blok onto a straw and insert it into the bottle. This bottle caters to the imagination of the children and is designed for a better grip.