Help your special kids by using drinking aids!!

Help your special kids by using drinking aids!!

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

The special children are those children who suffer from various mental, physical and psychological problems which makes them way different from the other kids. But even if they are different physically or psychologically, they are just like any other kids from the inside. It is for this reason that the parents of these special children strive to provide them with the amenities that will make their life easier and way better. To help them lead their life comfortably, some special aids are required one of which are the drinking aids. Drinking aids help the children who fail to grip the cups properly or choke while drinking from a cup. Moreover, while drinking they are not able to hold the regular glasses properly which will led to spilling of the liquid which may be a cause of concern if the liquid is too hot. Some children do not have the respiratory ability which will help them to drink without getting into a choking fit. In order to help these children forget their problems and embrace a normal life, these aids have been invented.

Drinking aids for special children

The special children need special drinking aids which will help them to drink with ease as well as comfortably. These glasses are made in a special way in order to avoid spills and hence are very helpful. Some such drinking aids are-

  • Cut out drinking cups: These kinds of cups have a proper cut out which makes it easier to maintain head and neck position while drinking from the cup. This cup hence makes swallowing easier. The cut out provides an option for them to lock their lips properly which prevents spilling.
  • ARK’s sip tip with select flow valves- These valves are meant to be attached to a straw for those people who fail to maintain enough suction for drinking the fluid. The valve helps to lower this suction problem and trickles the liquid into the mouth which diminishes the chance of choking of the fluid. Small amount of liquid is poured in to the mouth which can be swallowed at ease.
  • Honey bear with flex straw - This helps the special children to drink without causing any spill or dribble. Thus these cups are suitable for every parent who wants to shower attention on their special kid. The flex straw helps the children to suckle on the straw without putting any extra pressure on their head or neck. The cup can also be used while in a reclining position and also help little children to move from suckling to drinking.
  • ARK’s kip cup- This cup is available with a straw as well as a valve so as to control the amount of liquid ingested by the children. It is specially made for those who tend to have problems in swallowing excess amount of liquid. Other than that it also has a safety valve which helps to limit the suction required.

All these drinking aids are made from PVC free plastic and are made keeping the health concerns of the children in mind.