Help your kid kick the thumb sucking habit with ThumbGuard!

Help your kid kick the thumb sucking habit with ThumbGuard!

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Most kids are observed to be in the habit of sucking their thumbs or fingers. For parents, this habit becomes a worrisome issue when it continues on with age.Thumb sucking is a very natural process, if it continues, there may be certain dental problems that may be faced get rid of thumb sucking with ThumbGuard. Therefore, it is always advisable for the parents to help their child grow out of the habit of thumb sucking, especially if it is a constant affair!

What triggers thumb sucking?

It is not possible to pinpoint the exact factors that trigger thumb sucking in children. Through behavioral observations, it has been noticed that the habit of sucking the thumb develops in the child right from the stage that the child is in the womb. Post-birth, the habit is simply perfected. Psychologically speaking, a child sucks his or her thumb as a method of soothing or calming himself or herself. This is a natural process. You would be able to see your toddler taking to sucking the thumb in situations where he or she senses some kind of stress.

Is thumb sucking harmful?

Thumb sucking is quite a harmless process till the time when the child starts developing permanent teeth and speech developments. Most of the time the child grows out of the habit by the time these developments start taking place. However, if the habit continues, then sucking on the thumb may have drastic impact on the child’s development process. This coping mechanism in children can prove to be problematic at times, also developing into a constant, unconscious habit in children.

How to deal with the issue?

As a parent, you can utilize a lot of techniques to make sure that your child grows out of this habit.

  • You can talk to your kid and make him or her realize that there are other ways of coping with stress situations than sucking on their thumb.
  • Be your child’s support system. Your toddler needs to understand that he or she can always turn to you for help. You’ll slowly see the change once your kid realizes this fact.
  • Bribery always works with children. Use awards and small rewards as a means of making your child kick the thumb sucking habit. Appreciate the times when your kid curbs the urge to suck on the thumb successfully.
  • Help your kid into realizing and recognizing his or her habit. There are a lot of cases where the child instinctively sucks the thumb without actually realizing that he or she is doing so. Helping them to recognize this will help them drop the habit!

If these strategies fail, you can always fall back on the ThumbGuard. This simple contraption helps prevent your kid from sucking on the thumb. It is an efficient method to make sure that your child breaks the habit and takes to relying on a different coping technique. Using ThumbGuard for four weeks is all you need to make sure that your child no longer sucks his or her thumb, and you can be a happy parent again!