Help your toddler in his speech development with these top 5 summer activities

Help your toddler in his speech development with these top 5 summer activities

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

When you speak about your environment, it can assist your infant to develop the language skills. These language skills of any kid start when the kid interacts with people around him or her. Every kid has different rate of learning any language. Simple affairs, which can be seen every day, support the development of language and sounds in the children. Here are some such activities that may help the toddler to learn speech rapidly.

Sensory play

One of the preferred speech activities, applied for kids is sensory play.  This is a somewhat new word in this world of kid’s development.  This sensory play enables a toddler to utilize one or more than one senses such as touch, taste, hearing etc in order to learn more of his or her surroundings.  By rousing the senses you can assist your toddler in the improvement of language as well as basic motor abilities. It also aids toddlers build up cognitively, communally and sensitively, physically, linguistically, and imaginatively.  Some parents perhaps regard this sensory play as confused play; however you may make it messy to the extent as you would want.

To develop toddler’s language ability with the help of sensory play, allow your toddler to touch and sense a variety of textures for example soft, coarse, or damp.


Imaginary play highlights language as well as social skills for babies. Such kinds of activities take on several types. Tea party with some artificial tea cups is an easy way to support language talents. If your tot is not certain what to carry out, then lead the way at the start and allow his thoughts to take place while he feels comfy. Dressing up as the other characters or just acting as creatures fits into imaginary play. One more alternative is to make use of puppets with the kid.

Wash your baby in themed pool

Try some water activities for the child. These are slightly different than the other activities discussed above. Such activities may be performed in your tub and a few can be carried out in any outdoor swimming pool. The themed pool is really a wonderful system for you to include new vocabulary while enjoy fun.

Have a cotton ball with straw

Place the cotton ball on a desk or floor. Hold a straw and allow him to blow through it for making the cotton ball move. It will develop oral muscles required for speech.

Sound scrapbook

Know which sounds you desire to comprise in a scrapbook. This is the best idea to make your child educated with different types of sounds. Write down the letter of all of the sounds in the center of individual pages. Then, stick the images, which begin with similar type of sound on same page; then look at all the pages simultaneously. While you pronounce the sound, apply the sound, which the letter creates and not the name of the letter name.

Copy the proper speech sound – while your child has stated a word with an easier speech sound, recur this word with the accurate echo.


Prefer books on various topics and from various authors. Wordless books facilitate to develop language skills. The toddlers view at the images and make their individual words to form a story.

These are the few activities to improve your kid’s speech quickly.