Have fun when you drink-whistling straws

Have fun when you drink-whistling straws

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

For children between age groups 0-6, drinking fluids form a major part of the diet. Children, when they stop breastfeeding, the chief source of their diet is liquids. Fussy as they can be, their food needs to be made interesting. Also drinking problems like chewing the straw and the wrong sucking technique is a part of kids training. There are a wide range of articles to choose from that should make your child’s meal hours less problematic and hassle free.

The whistling straws are every child’s favorite. Why?

Although like any regular straw, they double as a whistle when not used for drinking. Available in bright colors, they attract children. This is one of the few ways you can allure your child into drinking milk and fruit juices and even water. Each of these straws is around nine inches long and not to mention very affordable. Drinking with a straw is the most scientific way as stated by experts. However, it becomes a necessity for individuals affected with cerebral palsy or autism. There are different types of straws that are attractive and colorful and in various shapes. Different types of bottles that children might find attractive like the Honey bear W/Flex straw. With the face of a bear this bottle amuses every child. Spiral straws are available in sets of several colors in transparent and solid shades. The shapes facilitate drinking and the colors make the children want to use it.

ARK’s Lip Blok prevents children from chewing the straws or inserting them deep into the mouth. This product can be used to avoid tongue thrusting, to promote tongue retraction and also to bring one’s tongue to the proper position. These are also effective in promoting controlled lip and mouth movement. ARK’s Lip Blok can fit into any regular straw. This product does not contain lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA or latex. The longest Lip Blok has to be used first and finally the shortest one. This succession teaches the children not to insert the straw too deep into the mouth. ARK’s Sip-Tip makes drinking easier for children who face a difficulty in sucking liquids with the help of straws. Furthermore, it can help in bringing about the changeover from bottle noshing to mug drinking. The child can directly suck from the straw or, the liquid can be pumped into the straw with the help of the flexible lid, for children who are incapable of sucking.

Children get fussy when it comes to food and special children have greater problems with their food habits. Drinking aids like these makes it several times easier. They make the drinking fluids easier. The cups with attached straws and straw sets are life savers. Straw sets are excellent therapy techniques for tongue and lip movement. They solve cleft palate issues as well. Therefore, there are no reasons why you should be worried about your child’s drinking problems. Choose from a wide range of straws and drinking aids to make your child’s meal times more exciting.