Handwriting Readiness? Raised Line Numbers makes it a breeze!

Handwriting Readiness? Raised Line Numbers makes it a breeze!

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Education is the integral part of a human life. It forms the pillars of our success stories and this helps to pave the way for our future stories. But we need to keep our basics clear regarding all these. So if we need to start from the scratch, we need to follow few guidelines which will help in making our future brighter. All these merged together will help to make the way for a child. As we are aware of all these things, we must also keep in mind that handwriting is an integral part of a child’s school experience.Handwriting is what marksthe identity among others. Handwriting is the main thing that helps to distinguish you from the others.Needless to say, this is what tells us how we are in our real life. The traits or the qualities are easily distinguished from the handwriting.

A child should be taught the basics of how to write and the fundamental principles of writing. They should be made aware of the basic needs to write something. If the skills are not up to the mark, then the children may have to cut a sorry figure. Even in the exams, if the handwritings are not legit, it may cause a huge problem. The student or the child may have to face huge problems regarding this handwriting. The teacher may scold the student for unnecessary reasons.  This can bring down the morale and lower the confidence of the students. This may result in the downfall of the graph of the student.

Readiness is a term that is normally defined to describe the skills present in the child before a task is being assigned. There are few guidelines, which one must follow to ensure proper writing readiness.

  • STRENGTH – if proper amount of strength is not applied, then the writing won’t be good. The disabled students are the ones who need the most care for all this. So, they should be looked after very well.
  • HAND-EYE COORDINATION – this is a must for everything. Without this coordination, everything is futile. The special needs children should be taught in a special way to grasp or bring control over this.
  • DOMINANCE OF HAND– if one uses his same hand for a long time, it is tiresome. So you need to give some rest and then start again. The handicapped students or the kids should be taken extra care for their disability. They may be taught several ways to use their defective arm. In this way, they won’t be losing their hope.
  • VISUAL PERCEPTION- this is controlled by none other than the brain. The brain is the part of the body and so it receives the signals and as a result we perform accordingly. However, we must have someone to train our mind. Only then we can lead a fruitful life and we must be able to face all the hurdles to enjoy a stable and happy life.