Give your special child the life he/she deserves

Give your special child the life he/she deserves

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

We know every child is special, but the term “special needs” refer to the category of differently abled children with hormonal inadequacies, mental disorders and unbalanced health issues. Contrary to what most people perceive they have a lot in common with any other normal child, just that they have special needs in the pathological and educational context of the term. Symptoms of such cases may prevalent from birth or might become prominent with growing. In earlier times, there were not many provisions for children with special needs, but this century has fortunately worked on the development of associations and therapies for special children. There are more than sufficient organizations offering help and care for pathologically challenged children. The government too has stepped forward to aid such children and their parents.

That saddest part of this minority is that they are often not granted the life they deserve. A special child is most likely to spend the time of his /her life in a house with other delusional kids or back at home within the protective shield their parents have created for them. Social interactions and exchanges are something they are unwittingly barred from throughout their entire course of life. As a result these kids grow up to be a mere lump of flesh, too exhausted to carry on with life and its waywardness. As special child experts from their studies and observations have arrived to the conclusion, the key to the mental and physical progress is to allow them an ordinary, regular life without the cages of overprotective barriers.To help your child build a bright and promising future here are some of the ways you, as a parent can do:

Stop treating them differently

You child is different, there is no denying that. But to make it conspicuous to her/him is to add fuel to the fire. The last thing you want to imbibe in a special child is the consciousness of his special needs. Treat them the way you would treat a normal child, but with extra patience and delicacy.

Allow healthy social interactions

It is understandable if you as a parent to a special child, are overprotective and unnecessarily anxious of every little step they take. Parents tend to deprive the child of exposure in the society and interactions with other people, mostly out of the fear of the trauma the child might encounter if left unsupervised. You need to realise that the only way you can teach them to survive in a world different from them is by letting them explore it.

Positivity and encouragement

If there is something you need to know about special children is that they will probably never make it without moral support. All those therapies and visits to the psychiatrist will never pay off unless you create the atmosphere of positivity around the child.

Learn to communicate

Be a good listener so that your child is able to communicate the inexplicable with you. if your child learns to communicate, a massive part of the problem is resolved.