Give your kid just what they need!

Give your kid just what they need!

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Childhood is the most precious time of our lives. These are the days when we spend worry free days and careless times. With someone constantly running behind us to take care of us, life just feels so much better! We surely haven’t forgotten our childhood days and there isn’t going to be a moment where we will. And hence there comes a responsibility for each one of us to give our children the same love and care that we happened to receive in our childhood.

Children are delicate and innocent and above all it is just the love and care that brings happiness in them. While most children find happiness and joy in simple things, others have a tough time learning the tiniest of bits and deal with people. There are children who have been born with ADHD, Autism or Cerebral palsy. These children have the born inability to concentrate on something well or give attention properly. Moreover they have a tough time behaving with their body and moods and become intensely hyperactive. The chronic changes in their mood and temperament calls for special care, which can only be given by parents!

What do specially-abled children need?

Children with special needs have a special need to play which helps them understand the game better. The regular toys might be a little lame for them. Sometimes they need special toys and tools, which help them release their frustration, give them sensations and enhance their comfort with the toys. These toys help in calming the kids down and bring in them the necessary stimulation and change that parents seek.

What toys should one buy for the kids who have cerebral palsy?

Cerebral palsy is a birth disease, which brings in abnormal development in the brain. The development is really slow and sometimes difficult to handle with the mood distinction. These kids need toys, which make them more calm and composed. Along with brain development, these kids are required to have toys, which give sensations to their body and make them chew on them.

  • Chew Stixx – These are special quality chew sticks, which come in colorful versions and have a hard structure to let the kids chew on it without being harsh on their teeth.
  • Chewy tubes – These toys help in bringing sensation in the mouth and mouth movements cause clarity in speech of the kids.
  • Brick stick necklace – There are kids who are inconstant need to give stimulation in their mouth, this one serves the purpose. Chewing on them gives the kid a lot of relief and stimulates the mouth so that the child can speak.
  • Sensory Clothes – Some children face problem of sensation in hands and legs and sometimes back. They are not able to feel anything there and thus these sensory clothes help in bringing little sensation each time they wear it, helping a long way to get in it.

Special children have special needs for growing up. Each childhood is different and so one must take due care to understand the child’s need and restore them!