Get Hold of Weighted Products and See the Difference in Your Special Needs Children

Get Hold of Weighted Products and See the Difference in Your Special Needs Children

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

As per the record of United Nations; there are almost 650 millions of disabled people, with various degree and nature, and they require special and humanitarian support to live a dignified and comfortable life. Disability among human is occurred due to various known and unknown reasons and the nature of their manifestations are different. The disability or disorder can be happened due to neo natal disorder, accidents, and diseases or due to congenital disability, which is recognized as some sort of impairment of emotional, mental, neural or a combination of two or more such disorders.

It is often found that the person affected by any sort of such disability is failed to cope with the everyday situation and in recognizing objects, which are being used in daily life. Therefore, there is a primary requirement to help them in recognizing these objects and also getting them familiar with daily activities. These adaptations are having unique importance in a person’s life, who is having some sort of mental or physical disability and known as special child.

There are some useful weighted items, made by organization like ARK, which are being used for therapeutic reasons for mentally challenged children. Some of these weighted items are as follows:

  • Weighted Blanket: This weighted blanket is being made with calculated weight, which develops awareness of body position input for the challenged kids. This weighted blanket therapy is useful in providing a sense of calmness like mother’s womb, where the best comfort and tight holding was available and also shielded from perception of sensor or stimulation. If draped across the lap or shoulder by the weighted blanket; the production of serotonin, a hormone that helps in calming the child and also keep the kid in a joyous mood, can be found. At the bed; if draped by the blanket, the melatonin hormone get enhanced and helps in having a peaceful and rested sleep.
  • Weighted Vest: This kind of specially manufactured weighted vests are mainly designed for children with special needs, autism, ADD etc. and is quite popular among the therapists. These vests are coming with adjustable sizes and can be adjusted as per the specific requirement of the child. The conception behind this weighted vest is the sensory combination therapeutic method of cavernous pressure. The weighted vest provides the child a sense of comfort while the unconscious information is being produced from muscles and joints. By using this vest, it can be found that the child, who is hyperactive, distracted and having problem of concentration; is responding in positive way. The weighted vests are being used for various reasons and able to produce unique results in various areas of body with different and specific development in nature and activities, such as; self calmness, relax, body position awareness, hand-eye combination, balance, hearing and speaking skills etc.

The weighted vests are coming with unique design of both side and shoulder openings, which allows in adjusting the size with great flexibility and according to the precise requirements. These vests are turning up with specific weights but if require; additional weight can be arranged in special cases.