Exercise Bands: Living Life the Healthy Way

Exercise Bands: Living Life the Healthy Way

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Getting young children to exercise can be a daunting task, especially given the fact that more and more kids are becoming addicted to online gaming, computers as well as their unbelievably busy schedules.

Is your child suffering from any physical disability that needs constant physical therapy and treatment, or does he or she simply refuse to go out in the sun and play? Well, you need no longer fear for the next best substitute is here: exercise bands.

Why should you invest in them?

Elastic exercise bands are the go-to equipment when it comes to physical rehabilitation. They are also great for light exercises in case your child is suffering from any muscle spasm or other physical disability. What makes them great is that since they are flexible, they can be used anywhere, inside the house or out under the sun. They take up very less space and thus, can be stored anywhere.

What are the benefits of using exercise bands?

Over the years, the uses and importance of exercise bands have been much debated and discussed, but after careful studies, some very useful benefits of using exercise bands have been acknowledged.

  • Multiple Fitness level: Your child can make use of the exercise band set for multiple fitness levels. This means that he or she can opt for a simple, little harder to intense routines, all with just a switch in the exercises.
  • Can be used alone: It is quite understandable if you cannot keep an eye on your child 24x7. Therefore, these equipment are easy and can be handled all alone by children without the parents having to worry.
  • All around physical development: Exercise bands are a great way to sweat out every inch of your body, from the arms, the back, the shoulders to even the ankles. Therefore, they guarantee a complete and thorough physical improvement.
  • Can be used with other machines: As your child slowly grows older, you may want them to switch to heavier equipment. You can alter their work routines with exercise bands for more fun and thorough physical training.

 What are some exercises to be done with exercise bands?

Below is a list of some of the most basic and simple exercises that you can make your child do at home with a few exercise bands.

  •  Lunge and Bicep Curls: Helps with the formation of strong biceps, triceps along with strong calf muscles.
  • Arm Stretches: This involves holding the two end of the band with each arm and pulling them apart. Helps in the building of strong arm muscles as well lung capacity.
  • Half sit-ups: While one part if attached to your feet, you hold the other with your hands and pull back and forth. Helps with upper torso strength.
  • Side stretches: Hold one end with your feet and the other with the arm on the same side. Now pull and push the band on just that one side. Extremely helpful in strengthening the torso muscles.