Don’t stress it, learning is a gradual process

Don’t stress it, learning is a gradual process

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Imparting education to children is one of the greatest professions that are beneficial for proper sound mental development and nurturing their talents. However, there are certain children who are born with certain discrepancies that make the usual course of education to be highly challenging. Such learning disabled children suffer between their academic achievements and intellectual abilities that render their morale confidence scarred. While some may find the education system to be challenging, others find it far too easy to cope with their intellectual abilities that prove to be a hindrance for surviving with the normal flow. Such children need special care which would enhance their learning procedure to be easy, without making them stressed rather than following the conventional rat race.

Why do they need special needs?

Often this question is most sought for, to which there is several logical reasoning which is intertwined with other reasons, thus making the situation problematical to cope with. However several traits of these children get pronounced at different levels, some of which are enlisted as follows:

  • They face complications while working as a group or team.
  • They face difficulties while learning a mixture of directions and logics for an extended time.
  • They’re either verbally demanding or extremely introvert that might hamper their spontaneity of expressing their basic needs.
  • They’ve poor handwriting and reading abilities that proves challenging to follow with the conventional flow of education.

Such children demands special needs need to be taught with extra care especially using a multi-modal approach that would help them to use their auditory, kinesthetic and visual aids for optimum success.

Some techniques to teach disabled youngsters

Teaching methodologies for disabled youngsters includes several differentiated instructions tailored in a form to suit their best needs. The schemes for various kids differ as different children need special care on selective parts of their hindrance. Here are some methods which would help the disabled youngsters to learn their lessons with ease:

  • Video presentations can be extremely useful for those who can’t master the reading capabilities with ease.
  • Providing audio visual presentations like flowcharts, graphs, and diagrams etc that are engrafted with rich shades of color helps children to remember things on the basis of their shapes and colors.
  • Segregating the large assignments into smaller modules will help the children to remain calm and relieved from anxiety which would improve their working performance gradually.
  • Providing incentives and rewards to children after the completion of certain lessons would allow them to focus their undivided attention into their studies in future.

How can these methodologies be beneficial to such children?

These special methodologies are introduced and constantly upgraded for promoting the education among children. Such children need a curriculum to follow strictly, but advances in progressively slow manner. Disabled youngsters are made to appear for Individualized Education Program (IEP) that performs a certain test to ascertain personalized goals and tailor them to suit with their abilities. It also performs a formularized psychotherapy which develops the student’s social behavior and guides them to work and communicate collaboratively taking into consideration of everyone’s decisions. These programs shape such youngsters helping them to learn their lessons with ease.