Don’t rue over your child’s constant thumb sucking, get ThumbGuard

Don’t rue over your child’s constant thumb sucking, get ThumbGuard

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

There are certain habits that are commonly seen in all children.Thumb sucking or finger sucking is one of those habits. It is seen in most children that they suck on their thumbs. While this may be a common habit in toddlers, it can pose problems in later stages of life. It should be ensured that a child breaks this habit as soon as possible in life and parents are the best people to ensure that it happens. With the use of ThumbGuard, it is no longer a tough job to  get rid of thumb sucking habit.

The reasons why a child sucks the thumb

The reasons behind this particular habit in children are not specifically known. It is observed that children, while still in the womb, start sucking on their thumbs or fingers and continue with the habit even after their birth. In most cases, the habit of sucking on the thumb is a gateway for comfort for the child.

 As a parent, you will observe that your child starts sucking on his or her thumb right when he or she feels threatened out of his or her comfort zone. Sometimes, you will notice that your kid is sucking the thumb after a bout of heavy crying, or right before going to sleep. Psychologists are of the opinion that this is triggered by the fact that sucking on the thumb gives them comfort and helps calm them down.

Is thumb sucking good or bad?

It is evident that sucking on the thumb is nothing but a kind of defense mechanism that the child takes refuge in when he or she senses the stress levels increasing around him or her. So, how bad could it be right? Wrong. Sucking on your thumb can cause your child a number of problems in the long run. There may be an impact on how your child’s dental development takes place. There may also be an impact on the shape of the jaw in the long run.

There have also been cases where the child is observed to have developed a lisp due to the impacted dental growth, making speech correction necessary. Therefore, thumb sucking is an issue that you need to think about and deal with on a serious note if your child is in the habit.

How does ThumbGuard help?

Since the basic issue lies in your child’s habit of sucking the thumb, all you need to do is make sure that your child does not suck the thumb for a prolonged period of time. ThumbGuard is a simple contraption that prevents your child from being able to suck on his or her thumb. This makes sure that your child is able to look for and develop other, healthier coping mechanisms than sucking on ones thumbs and fingers. The device does not impede activity in any way and is designed in the most child-friendly manner that is possible. Get one of these devices for your kid and you’ll see the results within four weeks!