Counseling Plays a Big Part in the Treatment of ADD/ADHD

Counseling Plays a Big Part in the Treatment of ADD/ADHD

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Parenting a kid with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is not at all easy but that doesn’t mean it’s totally unmanageable. Parents are always in a rush to get their children a psychologist when they find that their child is having attention disorder. Appointing a psychologist should not be the first priority in such cases. You should understand your kid first and then you can prioritize the necessities. What if your child doesn’t like the way psychologist is treating him? It’s better to think about the consequences and then take your decisions. Counselling can be effective most of the times but you should focus on lot of things before you consider it.Here you can know how important role counseling plays in the treatment of ADD/ADHD.

The need for a counsellor

Yes, you are pretty much aware that your child is having attention disorder. It means that he has difficulty in concentrating; it is accompanied with hyperactivity as medical practitioners call ADD as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Generally the implications of ADD don’t have anything to do with the physical health. But it has been seen that in several cases children suffer from anxiety, trauma and depression which has a toll on their physical health. Weakness and other problems will develop if the actual reason of depression is not known, and even if it’s known, you need to find a way to help your kid get over it. And at this point of time, when nothing has worked a counsellor can help your kid relax and give a proper solution to end his depression.

It’s not a cure

First and foremost thing is that if you think that counselling can cure ADD then you are totally wrong. This is a misconception that people have. With effective counselling you can actually know about how your child feels and possibly cut down the secondary problems like depression, nervousness etc. There can be so many things in your child’s mind especially if your child is a teenager and those things are potentially harmful. At the end of the day, these are secondary problems of ADD and a counsellor can talk with your child and gradually get rid of these problems but not necessarily the attention disorders. And as these problems subside you can find the difference in his behavior. And that is why counselling plays a big part.

Finding the right counsellor

This one is very important as the entire thing depends on the way you choose a counsellor for your emotionally upset kid child who is suffering from ADD. A lot of research is even not enough, and you need to dig really dip to find a good one. There are many false advertisements so keep away from frauds. A reference can be an excellent option but it’s difficult to get one. Choose carefully so that your child doesn’t have to face the consequences.

Counselling can be much more effective if it’s paired with physical exercise. A counsellor can provide your child with actual support that he needs at the moment so don’t ignore a counsellor if the situation calls for it.