Common Challenges for Children with Special Needs

Common Challenges for Children with Special Needs

25 July 2019 Admin General Media


Common Challenges for Children with Special Needs


Special needs is a term that covers a wide array of diagnoses from developmental delays, medical conditions, psychiatric conditions, and congenital conditions that require accommodations so children can reach their potentials. A special needs diagnosis can help you get the services your child needs, set appropriate goals, and gain an understanding of your child’s as well as family’s stresses.


Special Needs Children and their Challenges

Special needs are usually defined by what a child cannot do. They describe milestones unmet, foods they cannot eat, activities avoided, or experiences denied. These hindrances can hit families as well as the children in question. However, understanding about these challenges can help parents take the right decision as regards to therapy. Here are some of the common challenges faces by special needs children:

  1. Learning Difficulties

Children with special needs or learning difficulties often have problems with communication. Some children need speech and language therapy to improve, while others need greater intervention and perhaps the addition of some form of communication system or device. However, no matter what the level of communication difficulty, there are many ways to help most children to communicate effectively.

  1. Behavior Issues

Children with behavior issues may not respond to traditional discipline. Diagnoses like ADHD, dysfunction of sensory integration, and Tourette’s syndrome require specialized strategies that are tailored to their specific needs. Behavior issues can also increase the risk of problems at school and hence it is paramount for parents of such children to be flexible, creative, and patient.

  1. Developmental Challenges

Developmental disabilities can make it difficult for families to imagine their future, and provide immediate difficulties in caring for and educating the child. Diagnoses like autism, Down syndrome, and intellectual disabilities often cause children to be removed from the mainstream. However, parents can become fierce advocates to ensure their child receives the right therapy, schooling and inclusion that they deserve.

  1. Struggle to keep up with school

Children with learning disabilities such as dyslexia and auditory processing disorder (APD) often struggle with schoolwork, regardless of their intellectual abilities. They may need specialized learning strategies to meet their potential and avoid self-esteem problems and behavioral difficulties. Parents of such children need to be persistent and work with their child at home, as well as teachers and school to ensure they get the necessary help.

  1. Mental Health Challenges

Children with special needs may often have other mental health problems like anxiety or depression, or even attachment difficulties. Every child is different and each one of these problems can leave a family dealing with several emotions, mood swings, cries and defiance. Getting the right professional help can ease the strain on families as well as on the kids.

Although every special needs child is different and every family is unique, there are some common concerns that connect parents. These include getting the right care and treatment, apart from promoting acceptance in the extended family, school, and community. If you are a parent of a special needs child, you can take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone and can always reach out for support when needed.