21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Whenever you see someone scrawling on their diary or writing reports in your office, you might be awestruck by the sleek beautiful handwriting or disgusted by the barely decipherable words. It is surprising yet true that the foundation of a good handwriting starts from the training obtained in between the ages of four and six. The Writing of C.L.A.W has been considered the perfect fit for those suffering from ADHD, Autism, developmental or learning deficiencies and can provide your kid with all the raw materials necessary to learn how to hold his pencil firmly and correctly which would no doubt lead to a great impression on everyone eager to witness the beauty of his handwriting in future.Here you can know different ways to improve children's handwriting with the help of writing C.L.A.W as it helps in many different  things.

Write away the correct way!

The major factor, which prevents your child’s easy transition into good handwriting, is that the size of the pencil isn’t age specific. The Writing of C.L.A.W prevents this by customizing the pencil grip into categories of small for the children three years of age until kindergarten, medium for the kids in between kindergarten to the sixth grade while the large grip can be used by children belonging to the seventh grade and above, even by adults like yourself! This ensures that you don’t have to focus on the process and simply develop your flair for writing as the new grip would instantaneously create proper spacing in between your fingers. You just have to place your thumb into the largest of the hollow cups provided and go on inserting the others into the corresponding shallow cups and you’ll be good to go.

Handwriting is all about versatility

Though some might blame left-handedness as an impetus towards bad handwriting, such is not the case always. The Writing of C.L.A.W ensures that no one would ever blame your kid’s writing on their natural hand preference, as it is suitable for both the left and the right handed. Whether your child likes writing with a crayons, pencils or pens, a graceful handwriting is guaranteed in this product’s affordable package. The effectiveness of the product is testified by his popularity in the handwriting sessions in the top ranking schools as well as in the best paediatric clinics of the nation.

Hand in hand towards a better future!

The Writing of C.L.A.W through its patented and FDA approved design ensures that the writing process gradually inculcates into a child a habit that sees him through the future. Often latex product may end up looking and feeling tacky. The Writing of C.L.A.W is entirely free of latex and is used even by those who suffer from certain hand disabilities and aid them in holding spoons, forks and painting brushes with a better grip.

The product affords an experience of incredible comfort so that your kid would not consider writing a dreary enterprise, which has been forced into his daily routine, but willingly choose to scribble their thoughts of the day into his now favourite diary entirely of his own accord!