Children with Special Needs: Safe Play Tips

Children with Special Needs: Safe Play Tips

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Accidents while playing is the leading cause for the death of children above the age of one.  2003 itself recorded 4,241 accidental deaths of children. In addition to that, over 92,000 children are permanently disabled due to injuries. Children with chronic disabilities are far more likely to get into accidents than others. Parents with kids having special needs should identify the risk factors that may be present during play and arrange safe play techniques for their little ones.Here you can know about safety tips for special needs children.

A few steps should always be remembered by parents while their kids play to ensure the prevention of any mishap-

In the playground :

Playgrounds are designed for all children to have fun and play with siblings and friends. However, a few safety guidelines should be kept in mind to ensure the prevention of any disaster.

  • Constant supervision is mandatory for harmless fun.
  • The condition of the park must be child-safe with no probing hooks or exposed sharp surfaces that may lead to cuts.
  • Let your child play with age appropriate instruments. If the child is unable to play with park instruments, bring toys to let him/her enjoy with other friends.
  • Check if there is appropriate cushioning under rides to prevent hurting due to accidental falls.
  • Look for fenced parks if your child has a tendency to run away. Parents/caregivers with children having autism should check thoroughly after falls to ensure the condition as the children might not appear to display signs of being in pain.

 Bicycling or skateboarding :

Make sure that your child wears appropriate helmets and pads every time he/she cycles or skateboards to prevent any form of injury to the head. Check for the fit of the helmet regularly and avoid helmets that are ill-fitting. Helmets and pads should be fastened snugly at all times. Teach the child the safety protocols and the traffic rules to prevent any accident


Buying toys for special needs children take a lot of care and attention. A few basic ideas should be kept in mind while choosing toys.

  • Multi sensory toys should be chosen that engages a variety of sense organs at the same time.
  • Method of activating the toy should be fuss-free, simple and easy to make your child feel no different from others.
  • The toy needs to be able to be played with in a variety of scenarios, like lying down or on wheelchairs, depending on the need of the child.
  • The toy must not have any wrong ways to be played with to prevent frustration in the child.
  • The toy should be adjustable in height, sound levels, light intensity, etc.
  • The toy should be child proof, with no sharp edges.
  • The toy should not contain any toxic substance that may harm a child.
  • The toy should provide a scope for the development of the child’s individual abilities.

Choosing the right toy for you special tiny tot is no child’s play. A huge number of restrictions are applicable on the type of toys and playthings appropriate for children with special needs. But that smile on your child’s face when he/she plays will definitely be worth the extra effort.