Chewy tubes- Safe tubes for healthier gums

Chewy tubes- Safe tubes for healthier gums

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Jaw rehabilitation is indispensable for those children born with chromosomal disorders. It is effective for children with, neuromuscular diseases and developmental delay. Autism, Down’s syndrome, dyspraxia and cleft palate also deserve similar attention. Some children have developmental delays so far as chewing and biting is concerned. It is normal for a child to start chewing as soon as the first set of teeth appear that is about two years of age. If the child does not respond to it, then it is recommended that they are provided with chewing tools that help enhance the activity of the muscles and jaws for improved mouth activity.

Chewy tubes are oral motor chewing devices, which improve a child’s biting and chewing abilities. These have been introduced specially for the Jaw Rehabilitation program. Chewy tubes are non-toxic, latex and lead-free, which makes it safe for all children to use. Biting on chewy tubes increases the strength of the masseter muscles and also helps in building the jaw pattern which is required for proper speaking abilities. Hence, the Jaw rehabilitation program can use these chewy tubes in order to develop biting and chewing abilities in children without using actual food for the treatment.

Children often chew on shirts, pencils, pens, fingers etc. This can make them prone to infections and illnesses. Chew stixx can be used to avoid this problem. It is a safe, bacteria-free chewing device and can prove to be effective for those children who have a habit of chewing on unhygienic objects. Chew stixx is not a toy. Therefore the use of this product should be supervised by a therapist. This is an  oral motor device which stimulates the sensory inputs of children who are deficient in it. The texture of this product was designed by therapists so as to assist the children who have sensory issues when certain textures are placed on their tongue.

There are several types of chewing tools available that enhance the jaw flexibility and improve the strength of the teeth. Furthermore they prevent children from biting on other unhygienic articles to prevent the chance of developing diseases. These sticks are available in a variety of colors that amuse children and also in many different textures. Therapists recommend that teething children and also children with autism or cleft palate problems should consider using chew tubes and sticks to help develop their gums.

There are a wide variety of chewing aids to choose from

The convenient shapes and sizes are there to serve several purposes and thereby cater to the needs of a wide range of clients. They not only develop chewing but also other oral motor functions. There are different types of chewy tubes and each have a scientific purpose. While consulting an expert makes sure you choose the correct tube. Different stages in the child’s growth demand different equipments. Special children need special care. There is no need to be concerned about chewing disorders. The 100% safe chew sticks promise to work wonders.