Change in parent’s perspective can help ADHD children

Change in parent’s perspective can help ADHD children

08 January 2020 Admin General Media

Children who are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) find it difficult to focus on something without being distracted. They may be hyperactive, impulsive and are often restless. It is one of the most commonly diagnosed mental disorders of children which can even continue into adulthood.

For children with ADHD, tackling their everyday life can seem challenging. It is therefore important for parents of these children to understand their difficulties and help them overcome them. As a parent, the best way to help your child is to start changing your own perspective about ADHD.

Here’s how parents can change their perspective:

Appreciate your child’s uniqueness

Children with ADHD have a special spark that sets them apart from the rest. It may be something unique to them. Looking out for that special something and appreciating it will help the child feel good about him/her. It may be a special talent, strength, interest or a unique dream – the key is to teach the child to see and believe in what he/she can do. Try to avoid focusing on what they can’t do. When you believe in your child, they believe in themselves too. You alone can instill that confidence in your child.

Use positive reinforcements

Some habits of children with ADHD might be particularly challenging. Instead of talking about it negatively, parents can try using positive reinforcements for the same. They can remind themselves and their child about the positive sides of the negative symptoms associated with ADHD. This helps them overcome fear and shame while facing others. For example, instead of saying that your child is “Hyperactive or restless”, you can address it with a positive connotation using the word “Energetic”. If your child is “inconsistent”, you can tell him that he has “flashes of brilliance”.

Build a support system for yourself

If you’re feeling stressed and worried about your special needs child, remember that there’s no point worrying alone. In fact, doing so might cause you to become depressed and anxious. It is important to talk to someone, or join a support group to share your feelings. Even if you can handle it alone, talk about what you’re going through with someone trustworthy.

Have plenty of laughs

They say that laughter is the best medicine. If your child has ADHD, it is important to be able to regain perspective and see the humor in all the messy and tricky situations you fall into. Take the moment and enjoy it with your kidsas and when things happen. When children learn to laugh at themselves and not take situations ever so seriously, it helps them to learn humility, add to their moral character and leads them to enjoy their lives better.

Shower your child with unconditional love

While you deal with the naysayers and people who don’t understand what your child is going through, remember to shower your unconditional love on your child. Nourish the spirit of your child for who he/she is. Providing an unshakeable support system will set the tone for their life ahead. It helps build self-esteem, confidence and motivation, which can create joy and success in life. More than anything else, kids with ADHD need love that never gives up on them.

As a parent, how you approach your child’s ADHD will have a huge bearing on how your child manages it. By showing them the compassion and understanding their needs, you teach them to love themselves and see their strengths to take control of their ADHD.