Can children inherit ADHD from parents? Know more

Can children inherit ADHD from parents? Know more

26 July 2018 Admin General Media

Those who have been diagnosed with ADHD always worry that their children may have it too. Although genes are one of the biggest causes of ADHD, there is no certainty of other members of your family being affected by it in the future. This is because ADHD is a combination of genes and environmental factors that determine whether a child will develop it. A research suggested that one-third of fathers with ADHD had children who also developed it.

Although ADHD is beyond anyone’s control, here are some suggestions that can help parents:

1. Observe

Observe your child carefully over a period of time. If your child starts displaying signs or symptoms of ADHD, seek medical help immediately. An early diagnosis and appropriate treatment can help minimize their struggle and aid them in leading a better life.

2. Notice the Differences

If your child inherits ADHD, it might manifest in a different way than your ADHD. For example, if you have hyperactive-impulsive ADHD and your child has inattentive ADHD, your behavior and challenges might be different. Knowing these differences can increase your awareness and help you detect ADHD symptoms in your child early.

3. Set an Example

How you deal with ADHD can affect how your child deals with it. Try and be neutral about it and don’t talk about it being something horrible that you wish you didn’t have. If you have ADHD and are actively treating it when your child has it, you can help them as well. Teach them ADHD friendly life skills while learning them yourselves.

4. Don’t Feel Guilty

As a parent, you cannot control your genes. So if you have ADHD and your child has too, don’t feel guilty about it. There is no way you could have predicted your child would get it too.

5. Help is always at Hand

More and more information is available for ADHD than ever before. This makes it easier for ADHD to be detected and treated at the right time. Since parents already know about ADHD and understand it, the child will be in a better position to seek help.

6. Change your View

Knowing that ADHD manifests in a different way in everyone can help change the approach towards it. Dr. Kenny Handleman calls it “Attention Difference Disorder” rather than Attention Deficit Disorder. This helps one realize that the child’s brain may work differently than others with this disorder, and that’s not a bad thing.

There is every chance that your child may have ADHD if either you or your partner has it. Remember to stay calm and be thankful that you have the knowledge to help your child through it. After all, a child with ADHD need a lot of love, support and encouragement from understanding parents.