21 July 2018 Admin General Media

If you have ever worked in a high-pressure job, you would know that every second of every day you are bombarded with schedules and commitments. However, being parents, we often fail to remember the stress of your childhood years. Contrary to popular belief, kids during the modern times grow up in a competitive environment, which requires them to be no less than perfect in anything and everything that they do. While you might need the help of a psychological counselor, kids are often not able to convey their thoughts in a concrete manner to anyone other than their parents. The Therapy Brush comes as a savior in disguise during such tense situations and provides the much-needed relief to your kid with just a few brush strokes.

Why use Therapy Brush?

You might be wondering why go for the Therapy Brush when you can just calm your kid with a relaxing massage. However, realize that a child’s perception of relaxation can never be similar to yours. They would hate it if you hold them down for an elongated period of time to give them a massage. On the other hand, since kids are always in search of new things that capture their attention, they would appreciate the innovation of using a brush to make them tickle and ultimately let a wave of peace wash over them. It is the ideal fit if your child needs to get rid of his tactile defensiveness or has to cope up with sensory processing challenges at occasionally. If you need to get his or her sensory registration under modulation, the Therapy Brush is the one you should get.

The One step solution to all your problems

Every parent has tried to hold onto his or her kid’s attention desperately sometime or other. But all those efforts have either been thwarted or simply ignored. Therapy Brush helps you to gradually increase your child’s attention span so that no difficulties arise when he or she starts school. You might think that this might be the sole function of this simplistic tool, but you will be wrong! This brush provides your child with a deep pressure massage that would assist him in transitioning from one activity to another while in school or in the playground. Since the childhood years are the time when a child’s brain undergoes the maximum development, this is the appropriate training for the social interaction that would be mandatory in the later years.

Don’t get carried away

While it might be true that all kids have been shown to respond favorably the calming strokes of the Therapy Brush, it must be remembered that more is not always good. It must be used every two hours no more, no less. It is preferable that you get the training from a professional before venturing to practice it on your kid. However, under no circumstances should it be used on the chest, stomach or face as it might lead to severe systemic reactions. With just a bit of precaution, you can guarantee that your child has an easy transition from sensitivity to no resistance to touch at all.