Benefits of Sensory Sleeves

Benefits of Sensory Sleeves

18 December 2019 Admin General Media

Sensory Processing Disorder, or SPD, happens when the brain has trouble organizing information from the senses. Children with sensory processing issues can be oversensitive or under sensitive to sights, sounds, textures, flavors, smell and other sensory input. This can make social situations an overwhelming experience for them. It can impact a child’s self-esteem and social skills. A child diagnosed with sensory processing issues can benefit from occupational therapy in order to feel less overwhelmed and cope with challenging situations. The therapists might help the child with a series of activities that will aid in sensory stimulation. Apart from therapy, using special products for sensory input can help the child with sensory integration. One of them is Sensory Sleeves, available here. Sensory Sleeves are an adaptive product which help provide kids with extra sensory input while writing. This can prove to be a boon in classroom settings. Kids who prefer the weight of sleeves will enjoy the benefits of proprioceptive deep pressure to forearms or hands, through the Sensory Sleeves. Children can wear them with short sleeved shirts or even under long sleeves for additional forearm pressure. It is wonderful for kids who need extra sensory input while handwriting, but aren’t able to tolerate a weighted glove or pencil. These sensory sleeves have therapeutic benefits, and are useful for children with autism, sensory processing disorder and ADHD. Some important features of the Sensory Sleeves include:

  • Appropriate for ages 4-11
  • 9”long and 3 to 4.5” wide, as the sleeves contain stretch
  • Made from spandex
  • Made by Fun and Function, USA
  • Can be easily washed and left to air dry

If your child is finding it difficult to write, they may find a friend in Sensory Sleeves. Not only will these help your child write, they can also help in boosting their confidence and self-esteem.