Autism facts that you can share with everyone

Autism facts that you can share with everyone

04 December 2018 Admin General Media

Children with autism may be a little or very autistic. They can be bright or verbal, as well as cognitively challenged or nonverbal. They may have many symptoms that include sensitivities to light and sound, extraordinary intelligence, and difficulty with social communication such as eye contact, conversation, taking another person’s perspective etc. Here are some facts that you can share with people who know and interact with autistic children:

  1. Autistic kids are different from one another

Movies or TV shows may give you some idea about autism. However, not all people with autism are alike. Some may be chatty, others are silent. Some may have sensory issues, gastrointestinal problems, sleep difficulties, and other medical issues. Others may not have any of these. It is important to know that kids with autism have different challenges from one another.


  1. Autism has many treatments but no cure

There is no known cure for autism. However, people with autism show some improvement gradually. When kids with autism improve their skills, they are still autistic – which means they think and perceive differently from others. Children with autism may receive different types of treatments which may be medical, sensory, behavioral, developmental or even arts-based.


  1. Children rarely outgrow or overcome autism

Autism is a lifelong diagnosis. Children who receive intensive early intervention may see improvements in their symptoms. They can also learn coping skills to help them manage their difficulties and even build on their strengths. That being said, a person will still be autistic throughout their life.


  1. The cause of autism is not clear

There are many theories about what causes autism. From mercury in infant vaccines, genetics, to parental age and almost everything else – there are so many things that people would like to believe as a probable cause of autism. However, most researchers think that autism is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors.


  1. There is no such thing as a ‘Best School’ for autistic kids

You may have come across certain schools that claim to be the best place for autistic kids, or may have heard about a child doing great in a particular classroom setting. It is important to note that every child with autism has unique needs and parents, educators and therapists can decide on what’s best for a particular child.


While people may perceive autistic diagnosis as something negative, it is worth noting that almost everyone on the spectrum has a great deal to offer to the world. Those with autism are among the most non-judgmental and passionate people you will ever meet. By embracing their uniqueness, you can open up a world of opportunities for kids with autism.