ARK’s Baby Grabber: One Of The Most Effective Oral Motor Toys

ARK’s Baby Grabber: One Of The Most Effective Oral Motor Toys

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Kids have the tendency to bite things when their teeth are about to come out and they are always in search of something to chew. Their gums become hard and they always feel like biting so if you just hold your finger in their mouth, they will try to bite it hard with their gums. It is a good practice to provide them with something on which they can chew. This increases their oral motor activities and they get to learn the system of chewing and biting easily. Oral motor skills are very important to learn as just the right age. Therapists suggest the use of oral tools in order to develop the kid’s proprioceptive senses.

Helps strengthen oral muscles

ARK’s Baby grabber is one such tool that is an excellent option for training a kid’s oral activities. The tool is excellently designed for the kid’s advantage and the shape is just perfect for a kid’s hand. The molar teeth are keener for chewing as we do the most of our chewing using the molars. Most of the kid oral motor toys do not reach the molar gums but ARK’s Baby grabber reaches inside and kids can learn chewing and biting using their molars.

There is wide range of positive effects of oral motor tools on a kid’s development

Oral sensory stimulation can be very effective for children and as they pass through that phase of little teeth they should be given a complete support by providing them with the oral motor toys. But ARK’s Baby grabber is the best option and you should definitely go for it as it is the safest and best product when it comes to oral motor tools. They come is different attractive colors that kids would love and it designed by a speech language pathologist. This also helps in better blood flow in the gums and the entire oral cavity and this also words of any kind of speech problems in future.

Why choose ARK’s Baby grabber above other oral motor tools

When a baby reaches 5 or 6 month, they start to have the tendency of chewing.  This is nature’s way of strengthening their mouth muscles and slowly they adapt to bite hard and apply pressure with their jaw. If they are not given the proper support with the oral motor toys, they may not gain the strength of the muscles and later face difficulty in having solid foods and also face problems in speech. So if you are in search for a perfect oral motor toy for your little baby, you should definitely go for ARK’s Baby grabber as it has no lead, latex or PVC and the entire thing is made of medical grade products and is tested for child’s safety. The toy is made in such a way that there is no place for saliva accumulation and thus no chance for bacterial growth also. ARK’s Baby grabber is really a quality product that is made by keeping in mind the safety of a child.