All about oral motor equipment for speech therapy

All about oral motor equipment for speech therapy

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Speech and language problems are something that is faced by most of the people at some point of their life or another. There may be many underlying factors behind developing speech issues. Mostly speech issues are found among toddlers who are learning how to speak and cannot do it so properly. Other reasons underlying speech problems are neurological disorders, autism and stuttering. Each and every one of the problems is severe in its own ways and hence it requires proper care and guidance in order to overcome this. Speech therapy is the best remedy possible in order to get rid of the possible kinds of problems which speech issues poses in your life. But with the improvement of science and technology there has evolved many oral motor equipment which help one to get better quickly. Mostly the equipments are for children and toddlers but sometimes they are available for adults as well. The oral motor equipments help one to practise speech in a better way which fastens the process of recovery.

Some of the most helpful oral motor equipment are-

  • Chewy tubes: These kinds of toys are for children with speech impairments. Chewy tubes are long stems with a loop at the end. Looking like a key, these toys have a loop which makes it easier for the kids to hold on to it and prevents swallowing. Latex free, these tubes are good for developing the power of the jaws of the children which helps to improve speech.
  • ARK’s soft Textured spoon tips- These are special types of spoons directed for the need of individuals who require oral stimulation. Oral stimulation of the tongue along with feeding helps one to develop on the speech problems. Other than that the shallow bowl of the spoons also helps to decrease the bolus size. This is wonder equipment as it does two things at once- feeding as well as resolving speech problems. Helpful both for children and adults, this one is also latex free and hence poses no health threat.
  • Blow toy kit- This toy kit contains many toys which help to create bubbles when you squeeze and blow into them. This is a great tool for improving speech problems as it strengthen the respiratory muscles and helps to improve the oral motor. Other than it is also visually exciting to watch and hence helps to reduce anxieties.
  • ARK’s Tri chew XT- This is a triangular shaped chewing device with ridges, bumps and swirls on each side. When someone with speech issues chew on them, their lips, gums and tongues are stimulated. Other than that the jaw pressure of an individual is also improved which helps to improve the speech problems of an individual. Especially suitable for a child, the triangular shape enables them to hold on to it firmly and prevents gagging problems.
  • ARK’s Probe tip- This one is an absolute favourite among the speech therapists. The probe has different kinds of surface which helps to cause maximum stimulation. It addresses to all the problems of gums, tongues as well as lips.

These speech therapy equipments are an absolute necessity for a person wishing to resolve his speech issues.