Activity cards: Clever Tasks To Benefit Your Children With Special Needs

Activity cards: Clever Tasks To Benefit Your Children With Special Needs

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Patience is the biggest requirement when you are dealing with children who are differently able. And since, most children are comfortable with communicating through pictures rather than words; it is always the best bet to engage them in activities that involve pictures and interactive visuals. This applies to even children with special needs. Starting with pictures and visuals is a very effective way to reach out to them when they are to be taught things.Here you can know about different types of activity cards to help your child learn.


  • Activity cards are a brilliant way to make your child learn things on a daily basis. The cards have small pieces of information unlike books or charts that are stuffed with information which takes more time to process.
  • Activity cards may come with directions or words or visuals that are related to everyday life. By associating simple pictures with a word to define the activity, children find a ready reference to learn from. As we know, a child always learns from recognition and imitation on an elementary level. If you bank on the phenomenon of imitation to teach your child who is differently able, it will turn out to be an effective tool to teach your child some very important lessons that normal speech or sound exercises often fail.
  • Also, because the activity cards come with pictures as well as related words, the child can take his or her time to understand it before imitating it. The colourful illustrations of the activities give the child more interest in learning about it rather than just dull words. The information provided is crisp and precise so that it does not pressurise the child to process too much information at once.


Activity cards can be of various types depending on what you want your child to learn.

  • There are activity cards that give visual directions step-by-step to help your child to build something or make something. With your help and the colour identification of the objects in the card and the real material that the needs to be built, the child will learn to put things together gradually which will not only help him or her learn but also will turn out to be a valuable exercise on concentration.
  • There are activity cards that are based on general information related to daily life. Cards which show the various activities needed to lead a healthy and hygienic life can be used to teach your child how to do these activities on his or her own.
  • Activity cards may also be about learning the basics of communication like basic language skills, communicating through the body or emotive and social responses. When you are dealing with a child with special needs, these cards can be of particular usefulness to help him or her relate to what he or she wants to say or do with the help of recognition.
  • Activity cards can also help your child with special needs to calculate in simpler ways. With examples provided through pictures, the learning becomes a lot more simplified.
  • Activity cards are also useful to help your child read stories. As the story is divided into cards holding small pieces of information and visuals, the child can slowly progress with the narrative without having to process large pieces of information at once.