7 Autism Facts that everyone should know

7 Autism Facts that everyone should know

29 October 2018 Admin General Media

Parents of children with autism often read up on any kind of information available about this disorder. However, most people around these children aren’t really aware about how to interact with the child. These 7 autism facts will help them understand the child better and lead to formation of stronger bonds:

Autism is a Spectrum Disorder

Those with autism can be little or very autistic. Some may be bright, verbal, and autistic, while others may be cognitively challenged, nonverbal, and autistic. The level depends on where they are on the spectrum. Symptoms of autism can range from sensitivities to light and sound, to something more severe. Therefore, it is a disorder that includes such a broad range of symptoms, and is often termed “autism spectrum disorder.” The most common symptom is difficulty with social communication (eye contact, conversation, taking another’s perspective, etc.)

 No two people with Autism are the same

If your opinion about autistic people has been formed due to popular culture or movies, it’s time to think again. Every person with autism is different from the other. Some may be chatty, while others are silent. Many have sensory issues, gastrointestinal problems, sleep difficulties and other medical problems, while others don’t. Some may have social-communication delays, yet are able to function well in typical settings. Therefore, no two people with autism are the same.

There are several treatments for Autism but no Cure

As far as the medical science is concerned, there is no cure for autism at present. However, with the right treatment, most people with autism show a radical improvement. Despite improving their skills, autistic people are still autistic, which means they think and perceive differently from most people. Children with autism may receive many types of treatments which may be medical, sensory, behavioral or even arts-based. Certain treatments may be more successful than others, depending on the child.

 The cause of autism is still ambiguous

There may be several theories about the possible causes of autism. You may have heard about things like mercury in infant vaccines (this theory has been debunked), genetics as well as the age of the parents among the things that cause autism. However, most researchers believe that autism is caused by a combination of genetic as well as environmental factors – and maybe different people’s symptoms have different causes.

Children rarely outgrow or overcome Autism

Autism is a disorder that stays throughout the life of those diagnosed. For some people, the symptoms may reduce over a period of time if they receive intensive early intervention. People with autism can also learn coping skills to help them manage their difficulties and build on their unique strength.

Families also need the Help and Support

Whether the child has a “high functioning” or “low functioning” autism, it can get overwhelming for the entire family. They may be under a great deal of stress and need all the help and support they can get from friends, family and service providers. They could use a break from taking care of a person with autism while others take care of them – this is known as ‘Respite Care’.

Autistic People have many Strengths and Abilities

While the world may have a negative outlook on those with autism, it may be good to remember that almost everyone on the spectrum has a great deal to offer. They are amongst the most forthright, non-judgmental, passionate people you’ll ever meet.

Knowing more about autistic people and understanding them can help you take better care of them. It can also make you more sensitive to their condition and makes it easier for you to communicate with them.