6 Miraculous and Must Have Toys for Special Needs Children

6 Miraculous and Must Have Toys for Special Needs Children

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Special needs children are those children who require medical assistance for disabilities. The disabilities may be mental, physical or psychological. Examples of these disabilities are Autism, Blindness, Cerebral palsy, Dyslexia, Hearing impairment, Vision impairment, ADHD, etc. Special toys are available for these special needs children in order to make them feel like normal kids. 6 must have toys of these special needs children are:

1. Tactile Tiger Armband

The Tactile Tiger Armband has a sensitive punch and it weighs very light similar to a credit card. This band consists of bristled tactile surface and it also has a surface tiger on its top side which in raised form. This type of armband is suitable for children who are having problems of tactile stimulation. Many children have chewing habits so this type band can make them busy without any harmful side effects.

2. Honey Bear with Flex Straw

Honey Bear is such a toy that controls the liquid flow into the child’s mouth thus encouraging the child to learn how to drink with a straw. It is often used a transition tool from bottle-feeding to cup drinking. The Honey Bear is proven to be suitable for children of 8 months as it is well constructed with soft plastic. The flow of liquid is easily assisted with a gentle squeeze.

3. The Writing Claw

The Writing Claw is a sort of magical grip that improves good handwriting and promotes firm grip. This Claw is an effective way to teach children suffering from disabilities like ADHD, Autism or other developmental and learning disabilities to concentrate on writing and improving the grip as well, rather than learning the mechanics used to hold a pencil.

4. Ark’s Lip Block

Ark’s Lip Block is a sort of mouthpiece used to exercise the muscles of the child’s mouth to prevent problems of tongue-thrusting and it also promotes tongue retraction. Tongue poisoning is removed through this useful toy. This lip block is suitable for children having developmental disabilities, preventing them from biting the straw or putting it far inside their mouth. These mouthpieces are quite made flexible so that the child doesn’t have problems of biting.

5. Spirometer

Spirometer for children is a device used to improve the lung function. This is also used to jeopardize respiratory functions. Children suffering from lung problems from birth are given this sort of toy to improve their lung functioning so that they don’t suffer from breathing problems. The breathing is done in a very slow manner and has to hold the breath for few seconds to improve air injection capacity to the lungs.

6. Whistling Straw

This whistling straw strengthens the cheeks and lips of children when they blow through it. Slushy speech is observed in some children when they allow the air to escape from the sides of their mouth. By blowing through this straw, the jaw of the child is stabilized.

These are the few toys, which has proved essential for special needs children to improve their disability and make them feel good and normal.