5 Ways Vibrating Cushions Make Parenting Easier

5 Ways Vibrating Cushions Make Parenting Easier

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Parenting energetic kids can take an incredible amount of time, energy, and patience. When you bring your kids along, anything from road trips to getting to the grocery store can be a lot harder. Senseez vibration cushions can help kids keep calm and stay sitting, making all these tasks anything a lot easier. In a study conducted by the National Lekotek Center with 23 families, 72% of parents said the vibrating cushions helped! 93% of those families kept using the pillows after the study even ended and recommended them to others. Here are all of the ways Senseez might help make parenting easier (even a little bit…)!

Help keep kids and parents at the dinner table together

One of the problems we hear the most from parents is that kids just can't stay at the table for meals. By giving kids extra stimulation as if they were to get up and move around, Senseez lets them keep sitting for longer. This keeps the family together!

Help kids sit during plane and car rides

Long trips can be one of the most frustrating things imaginable for energetic kids. Vibrations stimulate nerves in the muscles so that they contract, a lot like they do when we're exercising! For kids that need to stay sitting, this makes for a great outlet for extra energy, making it easier to sit!

Help kids stay more focused at school

School can be stressful, and students are expected to stay seated for long periods of time. The vibrations in Senseez help to relieve anxiety. When anxiety is lessened, kids can focus better and retain more information. That is why many different students use them for school!

Help kids focus on homework

After a long day of studying atschool, it can be hard for kids to come home and do more! Senseez helps to relax the body to improve stamina and concentration to keep going longer.

Help kids calm down and fall asleep

A lot of kids have trouble achieving the calm they need before bed time. Senseez can be used as a part of any night time routine; to calm, soothe and cuddle with before sleep. And this one tops our list for things that make parenting easier!