Tangle Snapz Friendship Bracelets


Tangle Therapy is a hand-held therapeutic device made of multiple interconnected rotating links that are covered in a soft, flexible, ergonomic material. Twist, turn, bend, coil and shape the links to relieve minor stress, improve range of hand motion, strengthen finger muscles, and rehabilitate hand muscles and joints. Tangles are a new ergonomic approach to hand therapy, minor stress relief, smoking cessation, helps build fine motor skills, and is great for the sensory sensitive. ""Ideal for people who have tactile sensitivity and are working on single hand or bimanual fine motor and object manipulations tasks”

How to Play: Twist, tangle, and ball-up the Tangle Therapy however you want as a form of stress relief, a way to strengthen your hands, or just something to keep your hands busy. The pieces can even be popped apart and put back together which is good for those of us who have a bubble wrap popping addiction. Tangle Snapz Friendship Bracelets are super fun to collect and connect with all of your best friends! Each bracelet comes with two unique charms that you can give to your friends to show them how much you love them. These Tangle Jrs are great to wear and share!!

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