Book of Wiggles, Squiggles and Curlicues



Hands -on, interactive board book for ages 3 & up! The Wikki Stix Book of Wiggles, Squiggles and Curlicues is perfect for special needs children. This is a sturdy, inter -active board book with pages that are easy to turn for children with fine motor skill issues. Each page has an adorable illustration, with something be completed with Wikki Stix. Find the matching Wikki, and press it into place on the page. This activity is great for hand and finger strengthening, pincer grip, and can be used as a precursor to pointing and for pressing down. Plus, there is the additional component of color the right colored Wikki to complete the picture. The book was illustrated by renowned artist Lisa Haughom and offers pages of fun and colorful scenes that children can relate to. It makes a delightful gift any child would enjoy.

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