How to decide on the toys for your children having speech development issues

How to decide on the toys for your children having speech development issues

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Many children today suffer from the issue of speech development. It is quite frequent these days that a child suffers from language and speech delays. While there are several ways to cope with this anomaly, experts have suggested that selecting the correct and proper toys for your child to play with helps a lot with this problem. One of the first objects that any child gets acquainted to, as a toddler, are the toys it plays with. In such a scenario, choosing the proper toys becomes mandatory.

Mentioned below are some important guidelines that should help you selecting the proper toys for you child with a speech development issue.

Remove the Batteries

It is highly recommended that you remove the batteries from the toys. If a particular toy uses batteries then don’t buy it. You can also simply remove the batteries from a toy that uses them. For example, a very popular farm set works on batteries. The various animals in the farm make their respective sounds which are facilitated by the batteries. By removing the batteries you basically encourage your child to make those sounds by itself. However, ditching the batteries for every toy is not recommended. For example, toys which have a voice recorder or something like a ‘karaoke’ should be left with the batteries on, as these toys need the batteries to work. This drill actually works and encourages children to speak up.

Choose Open-ended Toys

Open-ended toys are those that do not have a beginning, end or middle. Such toys can be used in various ways. Open-ended toys enhance your child’s creativity by providing absolute creative freedom on how to interpret and use these toys. Such toys are very basic and traditional in nature.

Back to Basics: The Traditional Way

Traditional toys are more open-ended than most of the toys out there. It has already been stressed that open-ended toys are very useful for development of speech. Mentioned below are some basic and traditional toys that can be very helpful:

  • Wooden blocks
  • Legos
  • Tea Set
  • Clothes for playing Dress up
  • Kitchen play set and play food
  • Doll house
  • Play Dough
  • Baby doll and blanket
  • Some complete animal set (Obviously ones that do not make any noise. Examples: Farm set, dinosaur sets, or anything your child likes)
  • Potato Head
  • Tool Set
  • Trucks, Cars and other transportation toys (They come with batteries and make lots of noise. So take out the batteries obviously and your child will create the noises itself)
  • Train tracks and trains (There are train sets available without batteries. However the ones with batteries can also be useful, especially if there are no sound involved)

Parents worry a lot about their children with speech development issue. When, in reality, the answer lies in the simplest of things like choosing some toys over the others. Here’s hoping that these guidelines mentioned above will help your child and ease some of that worry.