How do sensory tools help special needs children focus better?

How do sensory tools help special needs children focus better?

26 July 2018 Admin General Media

When you’re dealing with special needs children, using sensory tools in your daily life can help improve their focus and attention. It can create content, alert and confident individuals. Whether your child is going for speech and language therapy, or occupational therapy interventions, it is important to keep the sensory needs of the child in mind. This can make a world of difference between a calm, organized child, and one who is overwhelmed and over stimulated.

When working with children with autism, ADHD, sensory integration dysfunction or any other special needs, a few elements can help you apply sensory intervention. Some of them include:


Movements can help filter out extraneous sensory information. This is an excellent way to calm, regulate, organize and orient the nervous system. Things such as ball chairs, wiggle cushions, balance boards etc. can make a world of difference in a child’s ability to focus. These things can be used during therapies, or while seated at desk. You can place balance cushions on a chair or the floor. Many individuals prefer to stand and a balance board is useful for those who need to move and stand.


Encouraging kids to move without disturbing others can make a huge impact on their day. Fidget tools are very useful in such situations. Fidget toys such as putty, desk fidgets, foot fidgets, or gel tools can encourage kids to keep moving their hands. They can also help strengthen the intrinsic hand muscles and reduce stress. Choose from a range of fidgets available here at Help Them Shine.


Alternative seating for classroom or treatment areas can be extremely beneficial for kids with special needs. Try using floor seats, chair cushions, or beanbags for reading, group, individual or floor work, and allow kids the freedom to move about. Meet the needs of your fidgety students by using alternative seating or to provide a secure base for those with poor seating habits.

Heavy Work

Heavy work is needed for proper movement, but can also add a level of resistance that some sensory seekers may crave. A mini trampoline, therapy ball, rocking board, etc. can help your kids stretch in between or during therapies. Try the Sit-On Ball chair available here on our website.

Pressure and Weight

Weighted or compression vest, lap pad or weighted blanket can be a boon for the child. The added weight helps in sending calming signals to the nervous system, and also relaxes the joint and skin proprioceptors. For best results, try a weighted lap pad for kids who need a pick-me-up. Check out the lap pads available here on our website.

Keeping these tools handy can help you get the most out of your child’s lessons, treatments or sessions. You may find several sensory tools here at Help Them Shine.