How cups and kits can be useful for disabled people

How cups and kits can be useful for disabled people

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Disability in a person can come from anything starting from congenital disorders, neo-natal disorders, accidents to disease. It is a cause of impairment that can result in physical, mental, emotional, neural or cognitive combinations of these. As ruled by the United Nations, it is a duty for all human beings to enhance the opportunities and protect the rights of the 650 million disabled people in the world. In order to do so, we must take small but significant steps towards this concern and make sure we are able to help these people as much as possible.If you are looking for a drinking equipment that will help you control your suction, you must try the Ark's Sip-Tip.

Disabled people who have any type of physical or nervous disability often suffer from the inability to deal with everyday objects the way they are supposed to be used. Hence, there is an acute need to adapt these everyday objects into something that will be easier for the disabled people to use without any awkwardness or difficulty.

Objects that are tweaked according to the special requirements of disabled people make their lives easier. If swallowing liquid stands as a problem for disabled people, it is important that the person get a proper diagnostics done before approaching towards purchasing a drinking accessory. Generally, an occupational therapist gives an advice on equipment and techniques that helps drinking easier.

Some Innovative Designs to Help Aid Disabled People To Drink

  • However, if you are looking for a drinking equipment that will help you control your suction, you must try the Ark's Sip-Tip With Select-Flow Valves which aids drinking for individuals who have difficulty in producing and controlling suction. It also helps the move from bottle to cup easier. The drinking happens when the individual pumps the liquid through the straw or someone aids him to do it. All one needs to do is to cover the vent hole with a finger and press down many times, till the fluid reaches the mouth. The select-flow system helps the fluid have complete control over the straw as it is always filled with liquid and the person drinking from it can control the speed of the liquid reaching the mouth. This prevents coughing and choking that comes from using a straw.
  • This is especially designed for people who have oral problems and have frequent choking,coughing and aspiration. It also increases hydration all the while being convenient and quiet. It promotes tongue retraction and controls lip and tongue positioning while drinking a fluid with the help of the Ark Lip Blok.
  • The Original Horn Kit By Talk Tools are intelligent objects designed to help with traditional therapy. It helps with coordination and control of oral muscles and helps improve word articulation and increases clarity of speech. It has an array of products that help with a particular therapy related to the mouth thus making drinking, speaking, ingesting and lip and mouth control much easier to learn. The entire kit comes with a detailed description set and user manual. It also has an online video tutorial that will aid you to use the products in the most efficient way.
  • Another useful product that helps disabled people are the CUT-OUT CUPS, which are flexible and designed in such a way that it helps enhance lip closure thus enabling a person with a disability to drink from it without having to crane his neck.